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      Only HOME can offer such comfort … HOME, which we nurture … natural and unique HOME for which we look for new solutions ... which reflects our existence, radiates warmth and cosiness, a place you always want to return. 

         The mission of NAMUOS (in english it means AT HOME) is functionality, quality and simplicity.  NAMUOS products are of exclusive quality for your home, office, hotel or restaurant and created by Lithuanian designers. We will offer you what you are looking for – elements of simply shaped design achieved by using natural colours and materials. Wood, bees wax, linen, leather, clay, and brass warmed by the hands of an artisan can become a small detail of the interior, a symbol which brings happiness, and an accessory.

         Each product of HOME is created and produced for NAMUOS trade mark.


                       Member of Lithuanian Design Forum from 2016



About me

     I am always searching for perfection seeking to create a visually intellectual home. 

    My philosophy  there should not be too many things in the home, and each of them should have a clear intended purpose, be aesthetic, of good quality and made from natural materials. I believe that the materials used by Lithuanians since olden times  clay, wood, linen, leather or brass  can be used to make pieces that are suitable for decorating a modern urban home. 



Wishing you inspiration to create a nice environment around yourselves,